This week I received news that I was one of ten hikers selected by the Pacific Crest Trail Association (PCTA) to serve as a P3 Hiker! This initiative’s goal is to protect, preserve and promote the PCT, hence the P3. As a P3 Hiker, I will advocate for the PCT by sharing my experiences during my hike through blogs, photos and other social media for the PCTA.

It is an honor to work with the organization that helps protect the very trail I will walk on.  It is also great to work with Eagle Creek, LEKI, and Osprey, which are joint partners in the P3 initiative and providing some gear sponsorships.

I fully agree with Scott Wilkinson, Director of Communications and Marketing for the PCTA when he said, “as the PCT becomes more popular, it’s more important than ever for hikers to minimize their impact on the trail.”  I hope my experiences and those of other P3 Hikers will inspire others to advocate for our wild places and the natural world so we can protect these places for all generations to come.

The PCTA wrote a nice bio of me, which will help you get to know me if you are new to the site.

I am currently packing my bags and getting ready to fly out to California for a week at my sister’s. Then I will be starting my hike on April 23rd! I am doing my rain and cloud dance, but the high is expected to be 86º F and sunny when I start.  The first week will be trial by fire for sure, but I am looking forward to beginning my journey!

Thank you everyone for your support.  You are all awesome.

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